Few things adversely affect a tree’s appearance more than broken branches. They make the tree look shabby and unhealthy, painting your property in a negative light. However, many Bentonville, AR, homeowners wonder if broken branches can kill a tree.

So, will broken branches kill a tree? The professional arborists at Trees N Scapes Unlimited are here to answer this question and more.

Trees N Scapes Unlimited is Bentonville’s expert tree service. We provide outstanding tree care throughout the greater Bentonville area and will help your trees grow and thrive at a price that won’t break the bank. If you need an experienced tree care service to help your property reach its true visual potential, call Trees N Scapes Unlimited.

What You Need to Know About Broken Tree Branches

It’s very common for tree branches to experience damage during severe storms and strong winds. They often break apart and can fall on your home, vehicle, or power lines, making it vital to address broken branches before they make the situation much worse. 

But, will broken branches kill a tree? 

Although broken branches might taint a tree’s appearance, it won’t kill it. That said, the break wound gives decay agents and diseases an efficient passageway into the tree. These problematic elements can take a toll on the tree’s health and can even kill it if they spiral out of control.

In short, broken branches won’t kill healthy trees, but they can grant access to elements that can.

How to Repair Small Broken Branches

If a storm damages your tree’s small branches, you can fix them using basic household supplies. 

Purchase some grafting tape at your local home improvement store and use it to reconnect the broken branch to the healthy limb. Wrap the area several times to ensure it won’t come loose over time. 

Once everything is secure, give the tree some time to mend itself (usually takes several months) and remove the tape. If done correctly, the broken limb will join to the tree cambium, making it as good as new again.

How to Fix Large Broken Branches

Fixing large broken branches is a bit more complex than repairing smaller ones. To start, sandwich the tree and the broken branch with twine and support the damaged branch with a makeshift crutch. It’s also a good idea to tie the damaged branch to another healthy limb to give it additional support.

Ensure you secure everything and give the tree time to heal. After a few months, return to the tree and remove the ties to see if the limb reconnected to its structure. 

Remember, the mending process takes time, so don’t remove the support until the tree has plenty of time to repair itself. Removing the grafting materials too early is a common mistake homeowners make and can start you back at square one.

You could also hire a professional tree care service to prune the tree and remove excess branches that pose a safety threat or hinder the tree’s appearance. Trees N Scapes Unlimited offer top-quality pruning services that will make your tree look better than ever at a price you can afford.

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