When is the best time to prune or trim trees?

The short answer is, in winter when the tree are dormant

Trees put a lot of their energy into preparing for winter, which means they have less energy to heal themselves.?

In this post, we answer the question, “When should trees be trimmed?” in more detail.

Learn about the best time to trim trees and why before scheduling a tree service in Fayetteville from Trees N Scapes Unlimited.

Why Should You Preferably Trim Trees in Winter?

If you trim your trees in the fall, they will be vulnerable to disease and pests.

In spring, it’s even worse.

When trees start to grow again after dormancy, they need all the resources from their roots to grow leaves and branches. If you cut them back during this time, it can set them back and stunt their growth for the year. They won’t be able to recover until the following year and may never reach their full potential.

In summary, winter is the ideal time to trim because:  

  • The tree’s wounds heal faster, yielding a strong tree
  •   The work is easier as most trees shed their leaves 
  • There are fewer chances of your trees contracting diseases and pests     
  • Tree trimming costs less because tree services have less to work with

What About Tree Trimming in Summer?

Another question we often hear is, “When should trees be trimmed? Can I trim my trees in summer?”

We’re happy to tell you, “yes!”  You can trim trees in summer, but only under certain circumstances.

Light trimming of evergreen trees in the summer months does not disrupt its growth cycle. If you’re looking to prune your pine, cedar, or spruce tree, go on ahead and trim away!

You can also trim fruit trees during the summer months. In fact, many fruit trees require some sort of pruning to produce fruit. If you don’t prune fruit trees, they may not bear fruit or bear a low yield.

In addition, you can prune and trim sappy hardwoods like birch, maple, and walnut trees, but not the others, as this may disrupt their growth cycles.

How Often Should I Prune and Trim My Trees?

If you want to make sure your tree stays healthy, it’s important to trim it regularly.

Here’s what you need to know about when and how often to do that:    

  • Generally, the older your tree gets, the less frequently you’ll need to prune or trim it.
  •  Young trees need pruning more often than mature trees because they are in the growth phase. Prune them only once every two to three years for the first ten years of growth.
  •    Only trim when necessary and never trim more than 25% of a tree’s growth at any one time.
  •  You can also trim trees to remove dead branches, awkwardly growing branches, or other hazardous parts whenever the need arises.
  • As a tree matures, the objectives of tree trimming shift to maintaining its form, health, and shape; trim mature trees only once every three to five years.

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