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Do you have a partially uprooted tree in your yard? Sometimes a partially uprooted tree can still survive, but you may need expert help. Trees N Scapes Unlimited is a reliable tree trimming and pruning service in Bentonville, AR

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Trees are essential for creating the shade or appearance you want. Unfortunately, they also take a long time to grow, and some may require extensive maintenance to be healthy. 

However, storms can cause a partially uprooted tree, and an uprooted tree needs help if you want to keep it as soon as possible. 

Why Do Trees Uproot?

Storms can cause uprooted trees, such as strong winds from tornados. Some factors determine if a tree will uproot:

  • Decay
  • Weak structure
  • Shallow soil
  • New environment
  • Root damage
  • and more

The shape of its crown and the severity of the storm impacts a tree’s survival in a case of uprooting. Fortunately, there are circumstances where trees can live depending on how fast you can save them and their damage.

Can a Partially Uprooted Tree Survive?

The survival of an uprooted tree depends on its health and size. A large uprooted tree may not have a high chance of living due to its extensive root systems and size. It most likely will not be secure enough to attach back to its roots to grow. 

A large tree also requires equipment to hold it upright and balance it. In addition, large trees have roots about three times larger than their crown, making it harder to hold themselves and attach to their root to get water to live. 

However, a smaller tree has a higher chance of surviving an uproot situation. It will likely live if most of the tree roots aren’t exposed. Remember that severe damage to a tree will cause difficulty and lead to the tree’s inability to survive.

A smaller tree with over 50% of its root intact after uprooting will most likely live. This is because it can be stable enough to absorb water from its root and survive. A smaller tree is easier to remove even if it doesn’t live.

How Long Can a Partially Uprooted Tree Live?

The weather will determine if the tree can live or not. The tree can die in just a day if it uproots during dry and hot weather. However, it can last longer in a wet area or weather.

How to Save an Uprooted Tree

To save a small tree less than 10 feet tall, you should move it back to its upright position. Next, cover the roots, water the tree and its roots, then stake it to get a more secure hold and support. 

You want to ensure no air pockets when you cover the tree roots with dirt. It can dry out the root causing the tree to die. Water the tree well if you want it to survive.

It may take a while to see whether the tree can live. If you want more reassurance, hire a tree service company to help inspect the tree. 

Trees N Scapes will gladly help you determine if a partially uprooted tree can survive. We will also help remove it if the damage is too severe. Our team will answer any concerns or questions you have, so don’t hesitate to reach out and speak with one of our team members.

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