If bark is falling off a tree, it needs quick intervention. According to tree trimming and pruning experts in Bentonville, this issue may require expert assistance. However, they compiled this first aid guide for you to try before calling them in.

If you feel unsure of taking on this task or the problem extends to the entire tree, contact the team at Trees N Scapes Unlimited. 

How Much Damage Is There? 

The tree bark protects the vulnerable tissue from pests, parasites, and diseases, so if this outer layer begins to peel away, the entire plant is at risk. Estimate the amount of damage to the tree trunks and branches: 

  • If the damage extends to less than a quarter of the diameter, healthy trees should be okay with the proper treatment. 
  • A tree that is 25% to 50% damaged is survivable with prompt expert care, but it will affect the vigor of the canopy.
  • If it is more than 50% damaged, it is likely to result in a dead tree without expert intervention, and even then, there are no guarantees. 

There can be many reasons why bark is falling off the tree, including environmental factors, pests, weather, and stress. A professional arborist is the best person to determine the extent of the damage and formulate a recovery plan.

Replacing the Bark

If the bark came off in a sheet or big pieces, you might be able to reattach it. Place the bits back where they were on the tree and secure them with a strap, duct, tape, burlap, or even old stockings. 

Tie them securely without cutting into the wood and leave them in place for at least three months. If it still doesn’t reattach, consider your project failed. 

Bark Tracing 

This technique is necessary for splintered or crushed bark that won’t heal. Use a clean, sharp chisel to remove any bark that needs to go.

Use short, shallow motions that chip away the bits without affecting the wood beneath them. If you do not, the tree cannot recover the area in a new protective layer of bark.

Tie it up and let Mother Nature do the rest. The trunk will grow a callous to protect itself.

What Not to Do

Do not use tree paint. If you looked in a magazine from thirty years ago, you’d see them recommending tree paint to seal bark damage. It was also common to seal the end of trimmed branches to keep bacteria out. 

Ironically, the procedure has fallen out of favor because: 

  • To seal out bacteria, you must paint the tree immediately after damage.
  • The chemicals in the product are problematic in themselves.
  • No paint helps the healing process.
  • The tree might see the chemicals in the paint as foreign bodies to defend against, diluting its ability to health itself.
  • The paint looks ugly and can be pricey. 

Get the Right Advice Before It’s Too Late

Replacing dead flowers or shrubs is a nuisance, but it’s nothing compared to replacing a dead tree. Once the tree dies, you have to worry about tipping over, dropping branches, and becoming a home to pests. 

In addition, replacing a tree costs you time and money because these plants take so long to grow. Investing time and care into looking after what you already have is far better. 

Trees N Scapes Unlimited can help you with that and much more. Need to learn signs of excessive pruning or why bark is falling off a tree? Contact our team to schedule your professional consultation. 

Reach out through our website or by calling (479) 802-5766 to learn more about how to protect your trees.

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