Pruning to maintain a plant involves trimming injured or dead parts like branches and leaves to sustain the tree’s growth. However, excessive pruning causes harm by removing too many vital parts of the plant. For properly pruned plants that promise long-term growth, consider comprehensive tree pruning by Trees N Scapes in Bentonville, AR at (479) 802-5766.

Problems Caused by Excessive Pruning

Excessive pruning happens when the person providing plant or tree care removes too many branches. Reasons for this include:

  • Reshaping the canopy
  • Height control
  • Accidental cuts
  • Making room for nearby plants

In some cases, a tree or plant facing overexposure from excessive pruning may go into immediate shock. However, if that does not happen right away, other issues may lead to long-term damage to the plant’s health.


Sunscald is a form of trauma a plant experiences when overexposed to the elements. In the summertime, a summer scald can happen to a tree or plant that is in direct contact with the sun (like a sunburn). In the winter, sunscald is a form of winter burn that freezes the bark or stem. 

Weak branches

Branches that remain intact after excessive pruning bear more weight than they should, jeopardizing the plant’s health. The strain of protecting the plant from elemental factors will weaken these overburdened branches over time, making them unable to function as well as before. In addition, the lack of foliage will starve the tree as it will have fewer means to gather sunlight for photosynthesis.

Unable to fight infection

A malnourished tree or plant cannot fight infection and may easily contract diseases. Without a full canopy, plants are vulnerable to pathogens that attack and infect via transmission from other plants. In addition, an improper cut or damaged bark cannot seal out fungi and illnesses. 

Unable to defend the tree from elements

Additionally, a plant with sparse branches may not have ample protection from elemental damage. Weather damage from wind, snow, sleet, and heat can quickly kill a plant that does not have proper coverage. If where you live is subject to extreme weather, it’s better to leave your trees with more of their branches.

Crippled growth

Over pruning leads to stunted and changing growth patterns that disable the plant permanently. An unnaturally bare plant without at least a third of its canopy does not know how to acclimate and progress . In addition, branches cut during excessive pruning do not always grow back.

Avoiding damage caused by excessive pruning

Unfortunately, there is no way to undo the damage a plant sustains after excessive pruning. Without its natural branch system, it cannot thrive as it did before. However, there are a few things you can do to offset the injury, including:

  • Water the plant often
  • Provide nourishment via fertilizer or compost
  • Leave the plant alone

The best thing you can do for an over-pruned tree or plant is enlisting an expert’s help. A landscaper or arborist will be able to identify the tree’s wound and correct it properly. Call the experts at Trees N Scapes Unlimited for assistance if you have a plant or tree that may be sustaining damage from excessive pruning.

How Trees N Scapes Unlimited can help

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