Arkansas has a diverse landscape, home to a variety of tree species. In a balanced ecosystem, native tree species help establish a natural order, giving and taking from the environment around them. When weather events, climate change, and other events disturb this natural balance, however, trees become susceptible to disease.

Some of these diseases simply make the tree look sickly, while others can kill the entire tree. If you have a tree that looks sick, you might need tree service in Bentonville by Trees N Scapes Unlimited.

We offer various services, including crown reduction, crown lifting, dead wooding, and tree removal. 

This article discusses some of the most common tree diseases found in Arkansas.

Different Types of Tree Diseases

Bitter Rot

One of the most common diseases found in Arkansas is bitter rot. This disease affects sweet gum, elm, and sycamore trees. The leaves will turn yellow and fall off the tree. The fruit will also turn black and mushy.


Anthracnose is a fungus that primarily affects the leaves of trees, causing them to turn brown and die. This fungus can also affect the bark of healthy trees, leading to cankers that can girdle branches or the trunk and cause the tree to die.

Apple Scab

Apple scab is a fungal disease that affects apple trees, causing lesions on the leaves and fruit. The lesions may be small and black or brown or large and blotchy. The fruit may also become covered in a powdery substance that makes it unpalatable.

Black Knot

Black knot is a fungal disease that affects many infected trees, including cherry, plum, and apricot trees. The fungus causes large, black growths to form on the tree’s branches. These growths can girdle the branches or the trunk and cause the tree to die.

Fire Blight

Fire blight is a bacterial disease that affects apple, pear, and quince trees. The bacteria cause the branches of the tree to become black and die, often leaving behind a “crown of fire” appearance. Infected branches may spread the blight to other trees once felled.

Leaf Blister

A leaf blister is a fungus that affects the leaves of trees, causing them to become blistered and discolored. The fungus can also affect the fruit, making it bumpy and discolored.

Powdery Mildew

Another common tree disease found in Arkansas is powdery mildew. This disease is caused by a fungus that attacks the leaves, resulting in a white powdery substance on the surface. The leaves will eventually turn yellow and fall off. Powdery mildew can also affect the tree’s fruit, causing it to become discolored and malformed.

Dutch Elm Disease

This deadly fungal infection was accidentally introduced to the United States in the early 1900s and quickly spread throughout the country, killing millions of elm trees. The fungus responsible for the disease is carried by tiny beetles that feed on elm leaves. There is no cure once a tree is infected, and the fungus will eventually kill the tree.

How to Get Help If You Have A Diseased Tree

If you think your tree might have one of these tree diseases, it is vital to get help from a professional. Trees N Scapes Unlimited can assess your tree’s health and recommend the best course of action.

Our assessments include a diagnostic evaluation. We provide you with a written report, including our findings and recommendations.

Our services include crown reduction, crown lifting, dead wooding, and tree removal. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take care of your trees.

If you are interested, you can also learn about the tree preservation guidelines in Bentonville.

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