Whether you’re dealing with an invasive tree species or need fast removal of a storm-damaged landscaping feature, it’s essential to follow the city of Bentonville’s tree preservation and protection ordinances. 

Navigating local code doesn’t have to be a headache. At Trees N Scapes, our team of ISA-certified arborists is here to help. We’re trusted, affordable tree service professionals in Bentonville, AR. This blog covers everything you need to make informed decisions about tree removal. 

For more information about tree service, urban forest protection, and more, explore our blog or reach out to us by phone today. 

What You Need To Know About Tree Preservation in Bentonville

Like the rest of the state of Arkansas, Bentonville takes tree preservation and protection very seriously. The city created the Tree and Landscape Advisory Committee specifically to oversee the establishment, maintenance, and removal of trees on public property within city limits. 

According to articles established in Bentonville, no trees may be planted or removed from street rights-of-way or other public grounds without notification to the Community Development Director. For information about this notification process, reach out to experienced arborists or municipal officials in Bentonville. 

When approved by the Community Development Director and Tree and Landscape Advisory Committee, all tree planting, upkeep, pruning, and removal within Bentonville city limits must follow guidelines and standards described in the City of Bentonville Landscape Manual. 

Approval for tree planting or removal within city limits will depend greatly on the intended/current location of the tree, the tree species, and other factors. Contact a trusted tree service today for more direct answers about tree planting, care, and removal in Bentonville. 

When To Get a Permit For Tree Removal in Bentonville

While tree removal in Bentonville is at the discretion of the Community Development Director and Tree and Landscape Advisory Committee, there are a few cases where commercial and residential property owners may be more likely to get approval. In general, The City of Bentonville has the right to plant, prune, or remove trees on public grounds to: 

  • Improve visibility of traffic control devices
  • Preserve the aesthetic of public grounds
  • Ensure proper street lighting

In addition to the above conditions, removing invasive tree species may receive higher approval rates. However, Arkansas law also protects certain tree species, such as the state tree, the Loblolly Pine. To ask about which tree species are protected under state law, reach out to a trained arborist in your area. 

Tree Removal With No Permit

In some cases, tree removal may not require permitting or special permission in Bentonville. Removing damaged or dangerous trees on private property may be exempt from city ordinances, even within Bentonville city limits. Trained tree care and removal experts have the experience to advise property owners about the legal requirements for their specific tree removal needs. 

In addition to private property exemptions, some invasive tree species may not require special permission for removal. These species include, but are not limited to: 

  • Wisteria
  • Bradford Pear
  • Tallow tree
  • Tree of Heaven
  • Japanese Honey Suckle
  • And more

When necessary, the Community Development Director may issue stop-work orders for work not complying with the Tree Preservation Ordinance. 

Find Affordable Tree Upkeep & Removal in Bentonville, AR

Whether you’re looking to remove a dangerous or unsightly tree, Trees N Scapes is here to help. Our team of tree and plant care experts offers comprehensive knowledge and services, including: 

  • Tree trimming, pruning, and removal
  • Stump grinding
  • Land clearing
  • Landscaping
  • And more

Safe, legal tree removal doesn’t have to be a hassle. Reach out to Bentonville tree trimming and pruning experts Trees N Scapes for a free estimate today. 

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