Trees play an integral role in our lives. Besides providing the oxygen we breathe, they ensure we have beautiful outdoor spaces and boost the value of our properties. Studies show that well-maintained, mature trees can increase property value by 10-19%.

As such, you must treat your trees with the best care possible, but should you mulch around trees?

Mulching is a critical part of tree care and maintenance. In this blog, Bentonville’s professional tree service experts at Trees N Scapes Unlimited explain the importance of spreading mulch around trees. Read on for more information about tree mulching. 

Top 6 Benefits of Mulch Around Trees

Mulch can benefit your trees in many ways, from increasing soil moisture content to adding organic matter and promoting healthy root growth. Let’s explore some of the notable benefits of spreading mulch around a  tree: 

1.  Improved Moisture Retention

It’s critical for the soil around a tree to retain moisture, especially for young trees. Spreading mulch around the tree helps promote moisture retention. The sun causes water evaporation as it heats the ground. 

Mulch layers will prevent the sun from heating the soil directly, helping the soil hold water longer. Mulch also holds water, allowing the soil to absorb more moisture. 

2.  Improved Soil Quality 

Organic mulch is effective in improving soil quality. It decomposes and releases nutrients that your trees need for healthy growth. Moreover, organic material preserves the nutrients already present in the soil, saving you from frequent fertilization. 

Mulch helps prevent and minimize soil compaction around your trees. It’s critical to keep your soil loose to ensure easy root penetration and oxygen access. 

3.  Regulate Soil Temperature

High temperatures can adversely impact the health and growth of your trees. A thick layer of mulch around your tree will serve as an air conditioner and regulate the soil temperatures, ensuring normal root function and promoting healthy root growth. 

4.  Reduced Erosion 

Wind, rain, and other elements cause soil to erode, leading to root exposure. You can prevent this problem by spreading mulch around your tree, protecting your roots, and preventing accidents caused by exposed roots.

5.  Weed Suppression

Adding a few inches of mulch can suppress weeds, grass, and other unwanted plants that compete with your trees for nutrients. Weeds can also be unsightly, so limiting their growth can also improve your property’s curb appeal. 

6.  Weather Protection

Besides preventing erosion and high temperatures, mulch also helps protect your trees’ roots against direct weather damage. A few inches of mulch over a tree’s root system will shield them against cold, heat, and sun exposure, keeping the tree safe and healthy. 

How Should You Mulch Around Trees? 

Improper mulching can lead to numerous problems with your trees, so you must learn how to do it properly. Here are some helpful tips for mulching around trees:

  • Don’t over-mulch: Adding too much mulch increases the risk of diseases and insect infestations. Experts recommend adding 2-4 inches of organic mulch around trees. Before using other types of mulch, take the time to research and understand their proper application. 
  • Leave a few inches between the mulch and the tree’s base: Avoid applying the mulch all the way to the tree’s base. This practice causes uneven water distribution, bark diseases, crown rot, insect infestation, and other detrimental issues. 

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

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