While winter is a time of year when many people focus on keeping their homes warm, it also represents a time of year when they can get busy with holiday festivities. This could mean forgetting about the trees in their yard.

But don’t let your guard down just yet—this is the time of year when your trees need you most due to the punishing cold temperatures!

Consider the following tips for protecting your trees from the cold from the premier tree service in Fayetteville:

7 Winter Tree Protection Tips for Homeowners

1. Make Sure Your Trees Have Adequate Water

Winter is the worst time to be a tree. The cold and dry weather can cause tree branches to break and leaves to fall off, making the trees look like they need some TLC. So you need to ensure your trees have adequate water to keep them healthy during this time of year.

2. Remove Dead or Diseased Branches

It’s tempting to leave a dead branch on your tree until it falls off, but this can be bad for the tree. Dead branches can harbor pathogens that can infect living tissue and cause disease in the tree, even in winter.

If you notice a diseased branch on your tree, contact a professional for winter tree protection service. They’ll remove it as soon as possible so that the rest of the tree remains healthy through the winter months.

3. Watch Out for Pests

Aphids and caterpillars can severely damage trees. These pests can make their way into your yard from neighboring properties or fallen leaves that blow across the lawn onto yours. 

If you see any kind of pests on your tree trunks or branches, contact Trees N Scapes Unlimited immediately to deal with the problem before winter sets in!

4. Trim Back Any Overhanging Branches

Consider this the most important tip: Get rid of any branches hanging too low. If you don’t do this, they may break off in the wind and fall on your car or house, creating a dangerous and costly situation. These branches may also tangle in power lines or cause other damage during bad weather conditions, such as ice storms or high winds.

5. Keep an Eye on Your Tree for Signs of Distress

Keep an eye on your tree for signs of distress, including wilting leaves and browning needles. There may be a problem with drainage or soil nutrients—or maybe something more serious. If it looks unhealthy, call a professional arborist to give you valuable winter tree protection trips to see your tree through winter.

6. Use Tree Wraps (Burlap)

Wrap burlap around tree trunks during heavy snowfalls. This helps reduce water loss through evaporation by keeping moisture inside bark tissue until spring arrives. Tree wraps also help prevent bark splitting due to frost heave and other forms of winter damage.

7. Schedule an Annual Pre-Winter Tree Inspection

Have us do an annual checkup of your trees every fall so we can identify any problems before they become major issues later on down the line—it’s always better to catch these things early!

Need More Tree Care Tips? Contact the Experts!

As the winter season approaches, it’s time to consider how best to protect your trees from the cold. 

If you need an arborist to help with tree care, contact Trees N Scapes Unlimited today. Our team of highly skilled professionals provides winter tree protection tips that protect your backyard privacy trees and other trees during the cold months ahead.

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